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Complete Guide To Chip Carving

If you don’t feel confident with a particular cut, don’t do it. You can start with either the easiest carving first or last. Try to find a work style that personally suits you and your chip carving pace. Emery cloth sandpaper is another easy to use sharpening tool, especially when performing relief carving. This […]

The Complete Guide To Chip Carving

It has 3 stones which rotate around pretty easily. Comes with 400 grit, 600 grit, and 1200 grit stones that offer any needs your knives will need from shaving off steel matter to honing a finer edge retention. Once the basic cutting styles have been perfected, you’ll probably be wanting to create original or […]

Carving Knives

Overall, the KN15 is a high-quality tool fit for a true craftsman. The sharp blade, the comfortable handle, and the ambidextrous design make it a joy to work with. The ergonomic design makes chip carving with this knife a pleasure. The handle is designed to reduce strain on your hand by fitting along your […]

Draw Knife

Chris Schwartz reviewed it and admitted that he couldn’t use it on his grandfather’s because the spine was too beaten up. Aside from the micro scorps, which I find excellent for cleaning up small recesses, Flexcut Tools has come out with an innovative design. Instead of a complete circle, these small scorps are open […]

Wood Carving Tools, Mallets And Accessories From Sculpture House

Cuts often happen when one hand is trying to hold the piece and the other hand is pushing hard on the tool – and it slips. Secure the work piece, and keep both hands on the tool and behind the sharp edge. We manufacture our tools to the highest standards of craftsmanship. Whittling differs […]

Wood Carving With Dremel A Turtle

Kalti Paarti carving is a traditional art form made by carving emu eggs. It is not as old as some other techniques, having originated in the nineteenth century. Wood carvings such as those by Central Australian artist Erlikilyika shaped like animals, were sometimes traded to Europeans for goods. The reason Aboriginal people made wood carvings […]